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Decorative Lighting

Dr. Steven Mason

PsyD, MA, Psychologist PSY 35093  at Beach Psychology

The quiet acts like a lampshade modifying a too bright light. The pressing nearness of material reality becomes remote.

Theodor Reik


Groups, Couples, Individuals

Couples Therapy

Love and compromise can be rewarding and challenging. In couples and relationship therapy, a parntership can grow stronger by connecting past hurts, schemas and triggers to present day actions and patterns. 

Individual Therapy

Depth therapy focuses on the past, both known and unknown to encourage new insight about who one is and where they are going. Psychoanalytic psychotherapy often focuses on dreamwork, interpersonal relationships, past trauma and developmental achievements. The unique experience of therapy focused on the unconscious can liberate new experiences, new ways of relating with others and new eyes with which to view existence.

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Group Psychotherapy

To process past trauma and current patterns of feeling stuck by experiencing issues and dynamics enacted in the real world and present moment. 


2447 CA-1 #213, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

424 235 5315

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